Luminox Atacama – A Watch For Adventurer

“Hey Ueli, would you like to join us on a trip to Chile and shoot the latest Luminox timepiece?”

What a question. When the phone call from the Luminox Headquarter came in, I didn’t have to think twice. Of course, I said yes. Together with a fantastic crew, I left for a few days in the Atacama desert to test and shoot the new Luminox Atacama Adventurer Field 1760 Series in the perfect environment.


Our days were full of adventures. From early to late, we discovered the incredible Atacama Desert, one of the most extreme places on planet Earth. The new Luminox watch was blending in perfectly in this harsh environment in northern Chile. It’s the Atacama series for a reason.

Mike Stibich, a Bavarian Spartan athlete and model, gave everything without a pause and helped with his skills to put the new Luminox Atacama Adventurer in the best light. There’s nothing better for a photographer than working with people who know what they’re doing.

In addition to the work and the many successful photoshoots, we also took some time to enjoy and soak up the views in this unique landscape.


All Luminox watches contain the self-powered Luminox Light Technology (LLT). This technology allows the timepiece to be visible at any time, even in poor lighting conditions, whether day or night. The unique micro gas light tubes glow permanently and do not require light charging or battery-operated illumination like other watches.



Due to the almost non-existing light pollution, the Atacama desert has one of the darkest night skies, which is ideal for testing and photographing the night visibility of the watch.

This trip was perfect. I’m really grateful to have a partner like Luminox at my side who shares my never-ending urge for adventure and the joy of nature.

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